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Geriatric Care


Our Geriatric Wellness Program is specifically tailored for our senior pets. It is our goal to maintain a high quality of life for our aging pets for as long as possible. We focus on preventative measures and early detection and treatment of problems. Our doctors will develop an individual program for your pet to help him stay healthier and happier longer.

Although individual breeds and body sizes "age" differently, as a general rule a dog is considered to be a senior at age 7 to 9, and a cat is considered to be a senior at age 9. Our senior pets commonly experience many of the same problems that we older humans do. Changes can occur in some or all of the organs such as the skin, heart, lungs, kidneys and liver. Their sight, hearing, taste, and movement can become affected as they age. Arthritic changes in bone and joints, immune diseases, hormonal disorders and cancer are all possible medical conditions that can occur. There have been great advances in veterinary medicine to help us treat many of these conditions. We will ensure that your pet is diagnosed early and treated for any medical conditions that develop as he progresses into his golden years.